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At Sky Escorts Bangkok we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.


We are very proud of the feedback we have been getting about our escorts. One of our customers stated that working with Jay to book an escort was like "planning a trip with a friend".  One customer said about Mali "She met all of my expectations and made me feel wonderful" while another said "She is the best escort I ever had, very good GFE, good English and best service". Another customer stated that "My time with Joy was enjoyable - she did provide a good service. She was friendly and kind".

We hope to continue getting great reviews because we try hard to provide you with the best possible experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the girls in the photos real escorts that work for you?
A: Yes all of the photos of our escorts are 100% genuine and they all work for Sky Escorts Bangkok.
Q: Can I contact the escort before my appointment?
A: No, for confidentiality reasons, we never give out the escort's information. All communication must be through Sky Escorts Bangkok.
Q: What services do the escorts provide?
A: Our escorts provide a wonderful experience for you during their time with you. The services they offer are on their profile page. Other more exotic or extreme services are typically not offered by our escorts.
Q: How far in advance do I have to book?
A: To be sure of your selection, advance booking is always preferred. Short notice could mean that your selection is not available at the time you request, and we will never send a different girl as a substitute without your permission. Please book as far ahead as you can, we will always confirm your booking if your selected escort is available, as long as you give us all the required information. We will ask you to reconfirm your booking approximately 3 days before the appointment. If we don't hear back from you, the booking is subject to cancellation.  If your plans change, please don't forget to tell us.
Q: Am I guaranteed to get the escort that I chose?
A: The girl that arrives for a booking will always be the same girl you chose from our website. We treat our customers with honesty and respect and we try our very best to make sure that bookings are fulfilled. Very occasionally, one of our escorts may be sick or have a personal emergency that prevents her from attending a booking, in which case we will inform you of the situation
as soon as we can, and offer you an alternative.
Q: What happens if I don't want her services after she arrives?
A: If you decide that you do not want to proceed with her services, we would appreciate the payment of 1,000 Baht for travel and cancellation.  
Q: What if I want the escort to come to my hotel outside Bangkok?
A: If she has to travel outside of central Bangkok (journey's exceeding 45 minutes) we may ask you to pay for some travel costs, depending on your location.